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Rodent extermination can be a complicated process, depending on how early the problem is caught. Rodents reproduce incredibly quickly if ignored, a small number of mice or rats can become a significant issue. At Complete Exterminating, our goal is to accurately assess the situation and devise an effective treatment plan that will eliminate your pest problem as quickly as possible. Rodents are a common pest in both the city and rural areas of Vancouver. Our technicians have years of experience handling this pest and are educated on the different species, their habits, and the best way to treat them.

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The process of rodent extermination depends on the severity of the infestation. The first step to any pest control service is a thorough inspection. Our technicians will investigate your property for common signs of rodents, look for entryways, and determine the species and approximate population. All of this information is extremely helpful in creating an effective treatment plan. We will then make recommendations for sealing up any access points that are found and then a combination of baiting and trapping is the best way to eliminate a rodent problem. The three most common rodents that we see in Vancouver are the house mouse, Norway rat, and the roof rat. If you suspect that you have a rodent problem, please don’t hesitate to call us.

House Mouse

The adult mouse is about 5.25-7.5 inches, including the tail. The tail can take up 2.75-4 inches, relative to the size of the mouse. The fur is smooth and usually dusty gray above and lights gray or cream on the belly. The color will vary considerably from area to area regardless of living habits. The muzzle is pointed, eyes are small, incisors are ungrooved, ears are large with very little hair on them, feet short and broad, and a uniformly dark, scaly, semi-naked tail. Their preferred nesting sites are dark, secluded places where there is abundant nesting material nearby and little chance of disturbance. Nesting materials include paper products, cotton, packing materials, wall/attic insulation, fabrics, etc. Mice are nocturnal, and they require an opening of greater than 1/4 inch to gain entry.

Roof Rat

Adult roof rats with combined head and body length are about 6-8 inches, and the tail length is between 7-10 inches. The fur is soft and smooth. The color varies greatly from brown with black intermixed, to black above with white underneath, all gray, or all black. The muzzle is pointed, eyes and ears are large. The tail will be scaly, uniformly dark, longer than head and body combined. Once established indoors, roof rats tend to follow the same route or pathway between their nest and food sources. Runways along vertical surfaces will usually include dark rub or swing marks on the vertical surface where their fur makes contact. Their indoor pathways will be free of debris, and outdoors, the grass will be worn away to the bare soil.

Norway Rat

Rodent Pest ControlAn adult Norway rat is about 7-18 inches in length, the head, and body account for 7-9.5 inches of that length. They weigh anywhere from a half-pound to a pound. Their hair is coarse, shaggy, brown with scattered black hairs. The underside is grey to yellowish-white. The muzzle is blunt, eyes are small, and the ears are small and densely covered with short hairs. The tail is bi-colored and scaly. Norway rats are nocturnal and are cautious. Although they always explore their surroundings, they shy away from new objects and changes. They prefer to nest in burrows in the soil along railroad embankments, stream/river banks, piles of rubbish, under concrete slabs, etc. Their burrows will have at least one entrance and one escape hole, but these animals are social and tend to have more than one entrance hole. The opening will be greater than 1/2 inch. Indoors this rat will nest in basements and the lower portions of buildings in piles of debris or merchandise as long as it is not disturbed. On occasion, you can find this rat in the attics, roofs, and other higher places.

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Rodents in your home or business can be a severe problem and should be taken care of immediately. Call Complete Exterminating today for a pest inspection and reliable treatment. Our technicians have the experience and skills needed to protect your home from rodents, ants, and other common pests. Vancouver home and business owners trust Complete Exterminating to keep their properties pest-free.