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There are thousands of different species of ants in the world. Some types of ants are relatively harmless, others can damage your property, and some can even be dangerous to humans. At Complete Exterminating, our technicians are familiar and experienced dealing with the common ants found in Vancouver. If you find ants in your home or business, you must have one of our trained technicians perform a thorough inspection. We can accurately tell you the type of ant you are dealing with, where they are coming from, and how serious the problem is. After the inspection, our technicians will draw up a treatment plan that will quickly and effectively eliminate your ant problem.

Sugar Ants

Odorous house ants, also known as sugar ants, are about 1/16-1/8 inches long. The body is usually black, and they do have a stinger. Workers emit a rotten, coconut-like odor when crushed and are how they get their name. A visible indication of an infestation from odorous house ants is the presence of these ants in numbers. These ants typically will nest outdoors but have been known to nest indoors. Because these ants have multiple queens in the colony, it is a mistake to spray with a material that kills off the foragers too quickly the colony will split or “bud” to survive which can spread the issue. For this reason, Complete uses their habits against them using baits and materials that they will pick up and bring back to the colony.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant workers are about 1/4 – 1/2 inch long, dull black, reddish legs, and golden hairs covering the abdomen. Queens are about 5/8+ inches long. Other color combinations of carpenter ants can be of red and black, or completely red or brown. Although carpenter ants do not sting, their bites can be quite painful, especially when they inject formic acid into the wound. A visible indication of an infestation from carpenter ants is the presence of small openings on the surface of the wood. Here the workers will expel debris, which consists of sawdust-like shavings and fragments of insulation and insect body parts. They prefer to hollow out softened wood that is associated with moisture problems and fungus.

The good news for the Home or Business owner is that treatments for Carpenter ants do not always consist of injecting wall voids like in the past, therefore, the cost now is about half of what it was 10 years ago. There are still some companies that are doing these unnecessary “drills and treats” so be sure before having this work done that you get another opinion as it is worth the extra step.

Pharaoh Ants

Workers are monomorphic and are about 1/16 inches long. The body is usually pale yellowish to reddish with the abdomen often a darker color and unevenly rounded. They do have a stinger. Queens are about 1/8 inches long with or without wings and slightly darker in color than the workers. Pharaoh workers are about 1.5 to 2 millimeters long, a little more than 1/16-inch. They are light yellow to reddish-brown with a darker abdomen. Pharaoh ant workers have a non-functional stinger used to generate pheromones. The petiole (narrow waist between the thorax and abdomen) has two nodes and the thorax has no spines. Pharaoh ant eyesight is poor. The antennal segments end in a distinct club with three progressively longer segments. Males are about 3mm long, black, winged (but do not fly). Queens are dark red and 3.6–5mm long. They initially have wings that are lost soon after mating but do not fly.

Moisture Ants

Moisture ants are a collective term for ant species that seek out moist places to build their colonies and require plenty of water to survive. While there are many species of moisture ants, they all tend to congregate and form a nest near moisture sources in your home.

Whether or not you need chemical treatment to get rid of moisture ants will depend on your home and situation. In many cases, like when the ants are still a minor presence and haven’t intruded beyond lesser-trafficked areas, simply removing the moist material should inspire the ants to leave.

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Ant ExterminatorView of ants on the ground. Movement. At Complete Exterminating, we understand that ants can be a serious nuisance and, in some cases, destructive. Our technicians understand how ants operate, their habits, and the most effective way to eliminate them. Most over-the-counter products simply repel ants. While this might seem like a good solution, it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Spraying an ant repellent won’t kill them, it will only make them relocate to another part of your property. The only way to eliminate an ant problem is to kill the queen. The queen is responsible for producing all of the worker ants, killing her, kills the colony. More often than not, the use of ant repellents will cause budding within the colony. Budding is a process in which the colony relocates and starts a new colony. Our ant treatments use a combination of bait systems that kill the queen and the rest of the colony in addition to high-quality repellents that will prevent future ant problems.

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At Complete Exterminating, we specialize in treating a variety of common pests. Vancouver’s home and business owners need a pest control company that they can rely on, and that is what we aim to be. Our technicians are equipped to handle an array of pests, including ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, termites, and more! If you’ve got pests in your home, call us today for a professional pest inspection!